Mission and History

Summer of a Lifetime's mission is to provide students with life changing experiences forever influencing their educational and career trajectories, solidifying their desire for and belief in their ability to be successful in college and beyond.

The Noble Network of Charter School founders Michael and Tonya Milkie created the Right Angle Educational Foundation now Summer of a Lifetime in 1996, to fund and support students’ participation in college summer programs. They worked with high school students across  Chicago and learned that many were first generation and never exposed to a college campus.  They could only imagine what the impact would be of living on a college campus, while taking college enrichment courses, meeting new people from all over the world and being away from home for the first time. What they imagined was true, given the opportunity of a Summer of a Lifetime, the students returned with unparalleled confidence in their abilities and a burning desire to attend college. This is what drives Summer of a Lifetime today.

It started as a small dream for Mike and Tonya, sending 24 students to Summer of a Lifetime to becoming the founders of the Noble Network of Charter Schools, the number one open-enrollment high school in the city and public charter school in the nation --- Summer of a Lifetime was the foundation for the catalyst of education reform for our nation. Today, Summer of a Lifetime has reached a milestone of directly impacting the lives of over 6,500 students since its inception. 

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